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This is not formatted yet (doesn't look pretty), it's rough draft as well ... it might be too much/wrong tone...idk...just a start. I looked at some other forum rules, borrowed a little of this and that, added some of my own language....etc.

PSCentral Code of Conduct

We want the PSC forums to be a place to gather and socialize with like-minded people in a safe and welcoming environment. In order to make that happen, we have certain rules we ask all members of our community to adhere to.  


Respect each other. Treat other members like you would like to be treated.  No personal insults.


We try to maintain a supportive and respectful dialogue here at PSC regarding the developers, studios and creators of the games that bring this community together. However, we encourage constructive criticism and opinions.


Take the time to make quality posts that are readable,  keep responses on topic, and also take a moment to check spelling and grammar.

Do not advertise your blog, webpage, YouTube channel or commercial enterprise.

No posts including, advocating, or linking to illegal or adult material and content should generally be kept to a PG-13 standard.

This is an English website, all forum posts must be written in English.

A violation of the following list of offenses could result in a penalty on your account, up to and including a permanent ban. 

Ban Jumping

Multiple Accounts

Targeted Harassment & Bullying

Illegal Acts or Materials


Extreme Content i.e. shock images, obscene videos, or anything else staff see as extreme or offensive

Post Count Boosting

Reputation Boosting i.e. asking others to give reputation, or give “likes for likes”


Topic Bumping of very old threads

Warning  - Does not negatively impact your account, but after you accrue 3 warnings you are eligible for Suspension
Suspension – Temporary restricted access to the forums

Permanent Ban – Your access and rights to the site will be revoked permanently

The Staff volunteers their time to work to keep the forums clean and the community secure. Do not complain if staff removes a message you posted. Do not complain if you have received a penalty or ban. Do not complain about other users being banned, in the forums. If you have any questions regarding this Code of Conduct or want to make an appeal regarding a penalty, please contact a staff member.

This Code of Conduct may be subject to future changes.