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  2. I agree it's a bit too easy. If you keep the ball in the centre, and bowl as hard as you can, you will get a spare at least. It's not as good as the bowling on PS Home, but it's not bad and at least it's multiplayer and you can chat (kind of) whilst playing. You can't curve the ball around nicely like you could on PS Home either. It must be hard to make a bowling game I suppose but Sony nailed it with the PS Home game.
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  4. Cory Barlog, Director of the upcoming God of War for PS4 by Sony Santa Monica, promised something to thank fans for the support when the reveal trailer of the game reached fifteen million views. It did, and the folks at Santa Monica just delivered the reward. The little, but certainly nice gift is an MP3 of the Overture directed by The Walking Dead‘s composer Bear McReary during Sony’s E3 conference. While some might have expected something else, I loved it, so I’ll take it. It’ll be available only for a limited time, and you can download it below. **God of War Overture MP3** Backup Link -1 Source
  5. nice! been waiting for this to be on ps4! I am gonna have to check it out!
  6. Years ago when the game came out of 360 I did one race and got 200 Million. Honestly if I didn't have that money I wouldn't even play GTA 5, I have spent so much and still have 90M to go.
  7. Nice update, I will be there!
  8. That was fixed last night.
  9. It has on ps4. I never played the PC version but on ps4 it work for me
  10. Pretty sure you can't do that, i tried it on PC and it wouldn't give me strike this way.
  11. it's easy a bit too easy lol i like bowling and the way it was challenging on home but on here all you have to do is stop on the orange arrow and stay in the center to get instant strikes lol
  12. Nice, I'm looking forward to checking this out next time I'm on PS4.
  13. Four Kings Casino Update - February 22nd Bowling Alley open in the Nightclub! You’ve caught a glimpse of our Bowling Alley behind the “Coming Soon” sign in the Nightclub. With this update, you can now go inside and get the balls rolling! Bowl a few games with up to 5 other players to test your skills and win some chips. It’s a whole new way to have fun in the Four Kings! Custom Bowling Balls Every great bowler has their lucky ball and we’re giving you plenty to choose from! Select one from the range of included balls, or pick up one of our premium bowling balls at a great price. It’s even more fun knocking pins down with a planet, a basketball, or a happy face! New Bowling Items You wouldn’t want to hit the lanes without looking the part! There’s an all-new store inside the Bowling Alley and a total of 8 fresh items to add to your wardrobe, from shoes to shirts to a retro 50s hairdo. And there’s MORE! Skilled bowlers can aim for the 3 new achievements and 7 new reward items we’re launching with this update. Can you bowl 3 strikes in a single game? Or get the elusive perfect score of 300? Happy Bowling! Additional Notes: -NPC Dealers have been added to table games -Updated Settings Menus with fresh UI -New Map UI -Various other bugs fixes
  14. I've heard that they are announcing it today.
  15. It's alright!
  16. I don't use Twitter but that sounds like good news : )
  17. Au might look great but the game as a whole is ass x.x
  18. Its in the store
  19. Didn't it say on their twitter it's supposed to be released sometime this week? That would be great meeting place though.
  20. There isn't a "featured tab" lol
  21. Mhmm. The customization is okay, but not great by no means.
  22. I agree, the Unreal Engine is amazing and AU uses UE4. If you look at some of the other games that use UE4 they are also very high quality. When I play AU on my PC I have to adjust the settings to Low because it has such high quality graphics. It looks incredible when I play on the PS4 on my new large screen HDTV. The only thing I am not sure about is how good it is for avatar movement, etc. This could be the reason why Xaloc chose to use the Unity engine instead. It might be better for avatar movement and customisation maybe? However, Nebula Realms looks really flat and almost blurry in comparison to AU to me. It looks more like Home used to but not as good. The avatar detail looks OK in the customiser but then in the actual environment the features of the avatar look indistinct. I haven't played around with the resolution when playing it though. I thought PS Home would have been made using a unique Sony owned engine, not Unreal engine, but that's interesting to know!
  23. Hats disabled....jeez.
  24. they fixed the crashing a bit. i crash way less now but i still crash from time to time. thats a good start
  25. nebula realms is the only game i know on ps4 that has to adjust the resolution on the screen to play xD
  26. Servers are now up and running. Patch 1.10 has been applied! Patch Notes: Upgraded to Unity 5.5 - Better resource management - Improved performance - Improved stability "Featured" tab Added Fixed some Avatar Editor bugs Fixed the hairstyle color values Fixed the beards color values Female Avatar seat poses are enabled Hats disabled due performance issues We have not added new content in this patch (per there fb)
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  28. Four Kings Casino on PC has ten pin bowling which works pretty well and you can chat to others whilst playing. The bowling was supposed to come out on the PS4 version in early Feb but seems to have been delayed for some reason. Maybe when it opens, that might be a good meeting place : )
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