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  1. Today
  2. Nothing Worth Buying
  3. This is Awesome, I'm more excited for Atom Universe. Then Nebula
  4. Hey PSCentral! Happy Friday everyone, hope everyone is enjoying there weekend! Speaking of enjoying the weekend, whats not a better time playing video games. Currently there is a flash sale that is going on in PSN Stores, which has a good amount of titles under the "$5 dollar price range." The Flash Sale will end on 1/23 8AM PT, so make sure to check out whats on sale! For more information about this current sale check it out here! As always thanks for reading Flash Sale Titles: PS4: Assault Android Cactus – $4.94 Child of Light: Ultimate Edition – $4.94 Dark Cloud 2 – $4.94 Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series – $4.99 Hitman Go – $3.19 Journey – $4.94 Knack – $4.99 Limbo – $3.99 Lords of the Fallen – $3.99 Payday 2: Crimewave – $4.99 Risk of Rain – $3.99 Skull Girls 2nd Encore – $4.99 Sleepy Dogs: Definitive Edition – $4.49 The Jackbox Party Pack – $4.99 The Jackbox Party Pack 2 – $4.99 The Order: 1886 – $4.99 The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series – Season 1 – $4.99 Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – $4.49 Valiant Hearts: The Great War – $4.94 The Wolf Among Us – $4.99 PS3: Breath of Fire IV – $2.39 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – $3.99 Devil May Cry HD Collection – $2.99 Okami HD – $4.89 Shadow of the Colossus – $3.99 Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online – $3.89 Street Fighter X Tekken – $2.99 Super Puzzle Fighter Turbo II HD Remix – $1.99 Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix – $1.99 PS Vita: Borderlands 2 – $4.99 Breath of Fire IV – $2.39 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night – $3.99 Hitman Go – $3.19 MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies – $3.59 Persona 3 Portable – $4.99
  5. The new Cave House looks actually really nice.
  6. Yesterday
  7. A preview of Atom Universe's next space the Cave House and a new mini game Wheel of Luck are featured in Atom Republic's latest devblog. No definitive release date was announced for either, but both were said to be coming soon. The upcoming Cave House was created by SubD, the same team that create the Mirage House and Desert Getaway. The upcoming Wheel of Luck mini-game will be located in the Hub and is similar to the Dice game implemented in the last Atom Universe update.
  8. Thanks! This Game Looks Awesome
  9. Last week
  10. Nice! Just signed up for this
  11. Thanks I just signed up. Really looking foward to it.
  12. https://beta.injustice.com/index.php
  13. i can stay on longer. but i seem to crash during server changes or character saves.
  14. I still had a few errors trying to sign in initially, but once I got in, it did seem more stable than before.
  15. I've crashed a lot, same as before. Memory issue I believe as it's same error. Tho, it seems to be pretty stable when it is stable, for example 1-2 minutes after loading the server it's very smooth.
  16. Greetings! How has everyone's experience with update 1.07 been so far? For me personally, the overall stability seems to have improved quite a bit. I was able to stay on all night for several hours, without crashing. Some players had their avatars reset yesterday. This was done because there were those who had presets saved and they were loading with bugged clothing on. Save presets have been disabled temporarily until this issue gets resolved. That being said, it is advised that players not alter their avatars too much, because it may be necessary for the devs to go in and reset everyone's avatars occasionally, from time to time. A lot of feedback and bug reports have been submitted to the developers. This information will prove useful for the next 1.08 patch in the coming weeks. As a reminder, please send all your support issues and bug reports to email support@xalocstudios.com. Thank you all for your continued support and patience. Progress IS being made, one step at a time. Shadow
  17. Thanks i appreciate it!, I use Photoshop CC. If anyone one wants a design please contact me on twitter @Vierox_ <3
  18. awesome dood, cant wait to see more of ur work!! what program do u use? i used to make a bunch of siggys for people, but not even close to ur talent
  19. hiiiiii sharakonnnnnnnnnnnnnnn lol whats good bro?!
  20. pretty f'n neat. reminds me of some old school gaming! thanx for sharing
  21. kewl! good idea!
  22. das kool haha, bored one day, i still like it!
  23. watch this video for my step-sister!!! she wants to get over 1000 views!!! thanx fellas, and ladies lol
  24. Looks really nice the store front! Hopefully in the future digital leisure could add more theme spaces such as a open beach, or city front.
  25. In this image, you get a sneak peek at some of the items coming out with the release of the new bowling alley. I see a few bowling shirts.
  26. DawneoftheDead DragonX76 PyroPheonix FortWhenTea Monster_Boss Piixel_Piimp Mario64 many many more.... miss alll o'you!
  27. Put EVERYTHING on here, from androids-iphones, PC-PS4-NES, downloading torrents, be nice to see a site that isnt so niche. Gamers come in all types and forms. Anything to add to the social aspect should be included. Anything you think someone from the otherside of the keyboard could help with, put it on your site. As long as its fun, and exclusive... DO it!
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